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Post by Joshuachirm » 27 Jan 2017, 12:09

Your forum seemed very attractive ad promising. I want to buy advertising space for banner in the header, for $ 1,500 a month. Pay will be through WebMoney, 50% immediately and 50% after 2 weeks. And yet, the address of my site -broken link-
- it will not be off topics?

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Re: business

Post by ThePurplePantywaist » 28 Jan 2017, 17:21

Dear madam or sir! welcomes your business proposal.
Sadly your link was broken, so we could not make the banner yet.

As apology, we have decided to give you a special price and let you have the banner for only 500 € per month, but as we have not set up an account with WebMoney yet, we would ask for the first transfer via Paypal.

So just wire us the first rate via Paypal and tell us the correct URL and how we can contact you, and we'll send you screenshots of the banner and our WebMoney details.

PS: And for everybody who wants to support, there is Paypal, Flattr and Patreon.
And none other than Gabriel Ritter has promised us kickbacks, if we advertise his books, so feel free to have a look at his recent publications.

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