New Book: Charlemagne, Dinosaurs and more fantasy action

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New Book: Charlemagne, Dinosaurs and more fantasy action

Post by Gabriel Ritter » 16 Sep 2014, 15:54

I am positive, I will sell a script this time. Because they are available as eBooks.
#Charlemagne against #Dinosaurs

Two fantasy action scripts with remarks from the author

A Fairy’s Tail
In a fantasy world an item shop owner sets out to find a childhood friend. After hiring a mercenary, meeting up with an orcish poet and a dwarven archer, the unusual party finds themselves forced to take on a necromancer (with no inferiority complex) and his undead army.

Charlemagne vs Dinosaurs aka Raptors against the Holy Roman Empire
Charlemagne’s elite squad The Scara have protected the Holy Roman Empire for years, but can they defeat an army of dinosaurs, lead by the richest woman in the mediaeval world – who even pulls some of the Scara to her side?

After reading my scripts, there is even a poll whether I shall write a sequel.

Once more links to the Ebook:
US-Version UK-Version Version für Österreich und Deutschland
gedruckte Version/Paper-Version

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