The world is your weapon! - „Son of Nor“ out now on Steam

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The world is your weapon! - „Son of Nor“ out now on Steam

Post by ThePurplePantywaist » 31 Mar 2015, 17:49

stillalive studios give us the power to use weapons we never had. With the help of a very successful Kickstarter campaign they summoned “Son of Nor”, an epic action adventure where mages fight evil lizards for survival. After more than three years of development Son of Nor is now finished and stillalive celebrates the release of their title supported by publisher Viva Media. The most exciting features of Son of Nor are a unique gameplay and setting, the possibility to enjoy it with your friends and the support of the most innovative gaming gear available.

Son of Nor is a highly anticipated third person coop action adventure game offering a truly new gaming experience. Play cooperatively with up to three other players to protect the last survivors of the human race from the evil Sarahul. As a Son of Nor you can use telekinesis and terraforming. Combine these skills with other spells and elements to defeat your foes and to solve brain teasing riddles. You also can join forces with your friends or even decide to use your magic powers against them…
Son of Nor also supports the most innovative gaming technology available. Use the SteelSeries Sentry eye tracking tool to direct your spells while using the Emotiv EPOC brain computer interface to control the game with your mind. Or get deeply immersed in the game’s world by using the Oculus Rift VR.

The game was developed by an international team gathered by stillalive’s founder Julian Mautner: “All team members are experts in their respective roles but living on different continents. So it’s been a challenge to get those people together on one workbench. Thank god today’s cooperation tools enabled us to work like sitting in one big room. We crunched in 3 timezones, 24h a day to deliver this really unique gameplay to the crowd. I’m very proud now.”

The game’s development is fully documented in a video development diary where the stillalive crew showed off their progress. With over 100 entries it grew pretty big. You can check it out here: ... nFLWT4NOdc

The game is now available on Steam at:
Due to my former job in video game journalism I still get press releases like these. As the game looks good and I'll probably buy it, i postet it in the (free) ads section of

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