A free game you must play - Recommendations for free games

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A free game you must play - Recommendations for free games

Post by DanielR » 21 Jul 2015, 05:11

Hello everybody:

Last week I was surfing on the web when I found a pretty good indie game :PC :n57: , It's called A Mini Falafel Adventure, I played it for at least 2 hours and I want to share this discovery with you guys. I think that we must show more support to the indie developers because they deserve it, I think that they really make games with love and passion. :n3:

So, here is the link of the game: http://beadybox.itch.io/a-mini-falafel-adventure

See you soon and thanks for reading.

Pd: Sorry if my English is a little bad. I hope you understand everything. XD

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Profit Seed - Recommendations for free games

Post by ThePurplePantywaist » 03 Jan 2017, 14:38

Proft Seeds - ein serious game zum Thema Bauer vs #Monsanto


Es macht nicht immens viel Spaß, aber es ist eine gute Idee, die es wert ist, dass man ein paar Minuten reinsteckt. Man lernt auch was, wenn man die Walls of Text zwischen den Leveln liest.

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