DoubleSmith and Thumbspire release ‘Impossible Super Ninja’

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DoubleSmith and Thumbspire release ‘Impossible Super Ninja’

Post by ThePurplePantywaist » 22 Oct 2015, 14:46

New York, NY / St. Pölten, Austria, October 20, 2015 – Mobile game publisher Thumbspire and indie game studio DoubleSmith GmbH today announced that Impossible Super Ninja, a fast and furious one-button game of treasure hunting in a deadly environment is now available.

Players slip into the role of the Impossible Super Ninja and have to clear towers filled with a plethora of dastardly traps and collect every diamond they find along their journey. They have to scale walls, jump and hop using innovative one-touch controls that are very easy to pick up, yet hard to master. During the course of the game they are able to unlock all ninjas of their clan which are illustrated in a delightful 2D style.

Impossible Super Ninja is a thrilling platformer with a high difficulty level that will keep players on the edge of their seats trying to solve yet another tricky level.

Impossible Super Ninja is available now for free with in-app purchases worldwide:

The official announcement trailer is available on YouTube:

Title: Impossible Super Ninja
Platform: iOS
Release date: October 22, 2015

For more information visit the product page
Disclaimer: Due to my former job in journalism, I sometimes still get such press releases.
I did opt to post it, although it is a free game with in-app purchases.

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Re: DoubleSmith and Thumbspire release ‘Impossible Super Ninja’

Post by LouanneSp » 26 Oct 2015, 03:46

That's sounds very good. hulle6
I think it is worth considering.
Thanks for your sharing.

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