What shall Gabriel Ritter write next

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What shall I work on next?

a prequel to Fairy's Tail
a sequel to Fairy's Tail
a reworking of Dinosaurs against Charlemagne
No votes
something different/new
stop writing in English, stick to a language you know
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What shall Gabriel Ritter write next

Post by Gabriel Ritter » 15 Sep 2014, 11:28

At the moment I am about to finish a collection of SciFi short stories in German.

What I will do afterwards I leave open to voting - if there are enough votes.

Prequel to Fairy's Tail:
The necromancer Aeris, a former beauty queen, defeated the armies of men, dwarves and elves. Only 3 heroes of each race are what stand between her and her victory. Standing between them is the fact, that they are all prejudiced against each other and each living a lie.

Sequel to Fairy's Tail:
Hero's brother Savior goes on his own quest, to surpass his brother. Little does he know, that each member in his party is there only to take revenge on another member. Will he stand a chance against the incoming army of demons?
(Corrack will definitely make a comeback in the sequel, Belerion, Urk and Crawfish depending on the feedback).

Charlamagne against Dinosaurs Reboot:
Charlemagne's son Pippin cannot wait for the throne. A femme fatale makes him abuse his power as leader of the Scara to find an island full of dinosaurbreeders. With their help he wages war against his own father, while pulling some of the Scara to his sides.

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