Multi-Screen Troubles: Windows, Icons etc move, when one of the monitors goes to standby or gets switched

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Multi-Screen Troubles: Windows, Icons etc move, when one of the monitors goes to standby or gets switched

Post by ThePurplePantywaist » 15 Oct 2015, 16:37

have a GeForce GTX 980 Ti, Driver Version 358.50, running on a Windows 10 Pro PC.

My 3 monitors are a Samsung Syncmaster, BenQ GL2460 and a BenQ PJ 681 (that's the projector for 600 bucks).

The BenQ Monitor is my primary monitor.

The Projector is hooked up via DisplayPort to VGA, the Samsung monitor via DVI to VGA.
The primary monitor is hooked up via HDMI via a Ligawo HDMI 4x2 Matrix.

When the monitors and/or Windows go to standby whole Windows desktop gets shuffled: Windows move, resize, the icons on the desktop move around etc. It is not undone, when I wake the monitor up or log back on, so I have to put back everything everytime.
This is very annoying, and probably could be worked around by deactivating standby.

But the primary problem is another one:
The idea of the matrix is, to use the monitor (BenQ GL2460) to display from various sources. Each time I switch the source while the PC is running, the same as described happens - even worse, it appears as if windows are moved away from the other monitor (Samsung) to the one which was switched. E.G. Browser windows I prepared move away, and if a open up new programms, they are all "offscreen" (also see my next posting)

I hope there is simply some option I have not found yet (or was mistranslated to German), to solve this issue.
Thanks for any suggestions in advance.

tried openening Windows on all screens, than changing the source on the primary monitor by using the hdmi-matrix. All (!) Windows were moved/changed, so they were not visible/usabel. Even on the one monitor which remained unchanged. When I turned the primary back to PC, the windows did not reappear.

Also I tried to make the "stationary" monitor (Samsung Syncmaster, which is always hooked up directly by DVI-cable) the primary, but I did not see any changes.

Theoretically I could get a new monitor to replace the BenQ, hook the new one up directly via DisplayPort to the PC and HDMI to the matrix.
But I have no way to know if that would work.

(Side problem, to be solved afterwards:
The Samsung monitor and the projector are clones of each other, because - contrary to the other problem - the PC never realizes if the projector is turned on. It does not have a displayport in and only one HDMI in, which is used for the matrix (after all it is only 600 bucks - there must be some incentive so you buy an expensive one the next time).
I would have preferred to have the projector as a third monitor, so if there is an easy fix, I'd be grateful, but the workaround is ok enough.)

I have already postet thad in the official forums ( ... r-gets-swi), tweeted about it etc but so far have not received any help.

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